Automatic Bale Wagon

Part #: H98
Clear fields of bales fast!
New Holland bale wagons pick up, haul and unload bales more efficiently than ever.
For over 40 years, New Holland bale wagons have transformed the back breaking labor of moving and stacking baled into a job thats almost effortless. Now, New Holland makes this job faster and more comfortable than ever with the new H9800 Series self-propelled automatic bale wagons! These new models continue the New Holland legacy of reliability. New Holland engineers used state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate and eliminate the stress points in the main frame to ensure that these bale wagons will serve many years of loading, hauling, and stacking bales - even the big loads of large square balers!

Model Bale Size Engine Length Width

15x22 or 15x23
16x22 or 16x23

New Holland 6.7 L 173 hp 30' 11" 9' 4"
H9870 14x18 or 16x18 New Holland 6.7 L 173 hp 30' 11" 9' 4"
1037 14x18 or 16x18 Pull Type
Req. 50hp.
25' 6" 11' 11"