New Holland ProTed™ Rotary Tedder

Part #: ProTed

Don’t risk ruined hay! Improve your odds to bale or chop sooner—

before it rains—with the help of a New Holland ProTed™ rotary tedder.



The ProTed 3417 tedder conveniently combines the tine height and hydraulic folding system together so that your field settings are ready to go when you get back in to the field. The ProTed 3625 and 3836 have a unique transport lift system. This system lifts the individual balloon tires, supporting the machine on transport tires for confident long-distance travel. Travel down the road with ease with the ProTed Series.


The ProTed 3625 and ProTed 3836 tedders feature border tedding systems you operate hydraulically from the tractor. By angling the rotor, you prevent unintentionally spreading material onto adjacent fences or fields, so you keep more of your valuable crop. For the ProTed 3625 tedder, you can hydraulically angle the whole machine left or right. For the ProTed 3836 tedder, you can hydraulically angle the right-hand outer arm.


The ProTed 3417 tedder requires periodic and simple greasing, but permanent oil bath lubrication on the two larger models simplifies daily maintenance. Large drive shafts and double universal joints transmit power through the frame allowing each rotor to track your field contours with precision. The hexagonal drive shaft profile eliminates keys and keyways which can weaken the shaft or fail under heavy crop loads.


Because not all crop conditions are the same, ProTed 3625 and ProTed 3836 tedders feature adjustable wheel columns to provide three rotor angle adjustments, improving control and helping produce impeccable tedding quality.



All three ProTed models feature our new, heavy-duty, boxed-frame design and the ProTed™ modular rotor-gearbox. Unlike lesser designs, ProTed rotor gearboxes do not serve as part of the frame. They are bolted to the strong, fully welded main frame. The gearboxes feature reliable crown-and-pinion drives.

Model Features: 

The ProTed 3417 tedder is sized right for traditional haymakers using nine- or 10-foot mowers and mower-conditioners. The convenient combined tine height and hydraulic folding systems automatically raise the tines when folded for transport; the tines then resume the preset working height when you reach the next field.
The six-rotor ProTed 3625 tedder boasts a working width of nearly 25 feet for 50% more productivity than four-rotor models. This extra width means you can maintain your ideal tedding speed and fluff three swaths simultaneously to complete the job more quickly. Each rotor uses seven tine arms to handle heavy windrows from larger, center-pivot mower conditioners. Large acreage farms and commercial hay operations who transport frequently to distant fields will appreciate the integral transport chassis. The transport system lifts the individual balloon tires, supporting the machine on large 15-inch tires with a wide stance for stability.
With a big 36-foot working width, the ProTed 3836 tedder is an essential tool for commercial hay operations and custom harvesters. Eight big-diameter rotors with seven tine arms handle the largest windrows. The compact transport dimensions allow this tedder to pass through narrow 10-foot gates and move easily through low clearance areas. The innovative vertical folding system and wide transport chassis make for more confident long-distance travel compared to similar-size rear-folding models that rely on the balloon tires when transporting.