ProRotor™ Rotary Hay Rakes

Part #: 3114
The ProRotor 3226 center-delivery rotary rake features dual rotors and is ideally matched to today's larger mower-conditioners and self-propelled windrower heads
The ProRotor 3114 rotary rake features a large, 11" diameter rotor perfectly suited to today's most common mowers and mower conditioners. The single-rotor design allows you to rake individual  windrows, or double them up in two passes for the most efficient baling and harvesting possible. The ProRotor 3114 is drawbar trailed and has a low power requirement so you can hook it up quickly and work efficiently with tractors with as little as 20 PTO HP.

The ProRotor 3223 rake features two large rotors and is perfectly suited for today's most common mower and mower-conditioner sizes. The dual-rotor design doubles your productivity compared to single-rotor models and provides the versatility to double up two swaths into one extra-large windrow or rake two individual windows with every pass when equipped with the optional front swath board. The tandem rotor design saves time and fuel in the field, it is drawbar trailed so it hooks up quickly and can be operated with smaller utility tractors.

The ProRotor 3226 center-delivery rotary rake features dual rotors and is ideally matched to today's larger mower-conditioners and self-propelled windrower heads. It makes fast work of even large fields, raking two swaths with every pass. The central chassis with rear wheel steering provides up to an 85 degree turn angle so the rake follows the path of the tractor, forming long, straight, easy to bale windrows ideal for your large square or round baler.

The ProRotor ™ 3114, 3223, and 3226 rotary hay rake from New Holland rakes cleanly and helps you improve forage quality by improving leaf retention. The secret is in the roatary raking action...
  • Improved Leaf Retention Working like a mechanical pitchfork, each tine uses flexible tines to lift and carry the crop to the windrow. Unlike ground engaging rakes, ProRotor rakes use long tines that dont need to touch the soil, so theres less risk of any contaminants being swept into the windrow. The gentle rotary action builds a well shaped windrow without roping and promotes continued drying after the hay is raked. You can rake earlier - when crop is at a higher moisture content - for better leaf retention, resulting in higher forage quality.
  • High-lift tine action created Easy-to-bale windrows. ProRotor tine arms are different, and that difference provides more capacity and better performance that rakes with straight or radial mounted tine arms. ProRotor tine arms are curved and mounted at a tangent so the tines are in the optimum position to pick up and deliver the hay to the windrow. The cam action and specially formed curve of the arms lift the tines quickly from the windrow with more clearance, resulting in a more even and consistent windrow.
  • Easy Service and reliability thats built in. Saving you time: the rotor gearboxed are lubricated by oil and sealed, requiring no periodic daily maintenance. To handle the heaviest crops: each tine arm is clamped and bolted for a more reliable tine arm attachment that double roll pins. To give you peace of mind: The ProRotor™ is from New Holland, a company you know and trust, backed by world-class parts and service you can rely on year after year.

Model 3114 3224 3226  
Working Width 13' 9" 21' 8" 23'  
Number of Rotors 1 2 2  
Number of Arms per Rotor 11 11 F/12 R 11  

PTO Speed

540 540 540  
Weight 1256 lbs. 2976 lbs. 3616 lbs.  
Clean Swept Working Width 9' 8" 16' 1" 2 x 9' 8"