Level Best Standard Tractor Laser Grader

Part #: LBS
The mid-sized Level Best LBS Series and LBD Series work with a wide range of tractors
The mid-sized Level Best LBS Series and LBD Series work with a wide range of tractors, and are best sellers due to their combination of flexibility, rugged durability and trouble free productivity.

High performance features include greaseless composite bushings, reversible cutting edges on three sides, and highway wheel bearings for extended service life.

Level Best LBS Series and LBD Series grading boxes are highly productive because the exclusive hydraulic valve provides smooth continuous adjustments, six every second, that keeps the grading box at the precise position needed for the smoothest, most accurate grade possible. The large box capacity carries material where you need it, so the result is a more precise finish in less time.

Labor-saving options include a drawbar that provides the highest degree of grading precision, down to 1/10th of an inch. The Level Best Bullet Bar is an option that penetrates even the hardest, most compacted soil surfaces to loosen material in preparation for grading. The rear cutting edge option lets you knock down material piles and back fill in reverse.

Four available widths: 72", 84", 96", 108"
Reversible cutting edge on all sides
Powder-coated finish
Foam-filled tires
Category I & II three-point hitch compatible
Optional drawbar, Bullet Bar scarifier, and rear cutting edge
Models Width Capacity Required HP Weight
LBS6 / LBD6 72" 17.0 ft3 30-42 1210 lbs.
LBS7 / LBD7 84" 19.9 ft3 35-49 1305 lbs.
LBS8 / LBD8 96" 22.8 ft3 40-56 1370 lbs.
LBS9 / LBD9 108" 25.7 ft3 45-63 1410 lbs.