FFC V-Blade Snow Plow

Part #: vblade
Adjustable blade allows 5 positions. Reversible cutting edge designed with spring loaded trip mechanism.
A multi-function blade for removal of snow from walks, driveways or parking lots.  five position adjustable blade adds versatility for your snow removal needs and allows you to get the job done fast!


  • 32.5" high curved blade
  • Moldboard has spring loaded trip mechanism for component protection
  • Reversible steel cutting edge for long life
  • Features the Quick Attach mounting to fit most skid steers
  • Easy-adjust skid shoes
  • Hydraulic cylinder provides 30 degree left/right / scoop / V position angling
  • Available in hdraulic only control or electro-hydraulic control
  • Blade floats 5 degrees and tilts 5 degrees for ground contour

Available options standard specifications
Protective Urethane Cutting Edge