Harley M Series Rakes

Part #: M5
Harley Rakes Built for Today’s More Powerful Skid-Steer and Tracked Loaders
The Harley Power Box Rake is the ultimate landscaping and seedbed preparation tool. Well built, easy to use and easy to maintain...Harley rakes have been the versatile landscaper's choice for over 25 years!      

•   Available in Non-Angling, Manual-Angling & Hydraulic-Angling models.
•   Dual side-mounted angle cylinders.
•   More powerful hydraulic motor.
•   Heavier main frame, pivot plate and attachment plate.
•   Pure carbide propietary teeth design. Not just carbide-tough for long life, but specially shaped to ensure the best possible seedbed sub-base fracture pattern & superior moisture retention & release.
•   Slim profile frame bearing ends allow full-depth and first-pass teeth penetration...saving you time.
•   Triple-sealed and shielded bearings for extra protection and long life.
•   Quick and easy removable and reversible end plates for windrowing and reverse box raking...no bolts, just pull the pins.
•   Dual independently adjustable gauge wheels allow for skim passes for over-seeding - or - adjust to cut drainage grades.
•   Harley's well designed frame geometry offers excellent visibility of your work surface.
•   Adjustable Rhino-Hide barrier above the roller allows you to quickly react to soil moisture conditions. You can choose the size of the material you want to leave in the seedbed. Raising the barrier promotes faster soil drying and opening up of muddy sites.
•   Harley comes complete with all electrical & hydraulic connections included...not as extra hidden costs. So why settle for a substitute when you can have a Harley!  

Model M5 M6 MX7 MX8
Raking Width 62" 72" 84" 90"
Raking Width (full angle) 58" 68" 79" 85"
Overall Width 72" 81" 93" 100"
Overall Length 59" 64" 64" 76"
Angle Roll 20° 20° 20° 20°
Min. GPM 13 gpm 13 gpm 13 gpm 13 gpm
The Mx Series is designed for today’s more powerful skid-steers, with all the features of the M Series. The Harley Mx Series design offers greater strength with the same non-bulky maneuverability that’s easy on the job site and your skid steer. The 7 ft width is wide enough to cover most skid-steer tracks but narrow enough for convenient transport. Cover your tracks with the Harley Mx Series! Features Dual side-mounted angle cylinders More powerful hydraulic motor Heavier main frame, pivot plate and attachment plate Adjustable Rhino-Hide barrier Applications Grade, level, rake and remove debris. Pulverize and prepare seedbed, de-thatch or remove old lawns and weeds… all with one tool. Cut drainage grades, skim passes for over-seeding or prepare and condition job sites for seed. Remove rock and other debris by windrowing or make a pile for easy pick-up with your loaders bucket.