New Holland Snow Blade

Part #: Snow Blade
Standard, Heavy and Trip Edge Models help you get the job done right.
New Holland Snow Blades
Standard Heavy Trip Edge

5' Snow Blade
6' Snow Blade
7' Snow Blade

7' with Steel cutting edge
7' with Soft cutting edge
8' with Steel cutting edge
8' with Soft cutting edge
9' with Steel cutting edge
9' with Soft cutting edge
72" Trip Edge Snow Blade
90" Trip Edge Snow Blade
119" Trip Edge Snow Blade

Features(Standard-Duty Model):

  • 30° hydraulic angle in either direction
  • 21.5" blade height
  • 7-Guage reinforced moldboard
  • Locking bolts for light dozer applications

Features(Heavy-Duty Model):

  • 35° hydraulic angle in either direction
  • 31.75" blade height
  • 10-Guage reinforced moldboard
  • Available with steel or rubber cutting edges

Features(Trip-Edge Models):

  • Hydraulic angle - 30° left and right

  • 6° tilt each way from horizontal
  • Optional high strength steel curb guard, rubber or polyurethane edge, rubber 3-ply snow deflector
  • High visibility yellow moldboard
  • Cutting edge trip system
  • Adjustable skid shoes