Coneqtec Water Kit

Part #: WG-25
The Universal Water Kit is a roof mounted watering system designed to extend pic life and help the operator meet environmental needs. Available in 25 and 55 gallon units that quickly strap onto the roof of the skid-steer and provide a constant flow by pump or gravity flow.
Model Capacity Type Height
WG-25 25 gal. Gravity 18-3/4"
WP-25 25 gal. Pump 18-3/4"
WG-55 55 gal. Gravity 15-3/4"
WP-55 55 gal. Pump 15-3/4"

•  Hydraulic roll-in depth control - The patented roll-in depth control allows the operator to easily change the depth of cut without removing his hands from the controls. The operator controls the depth utilizing the mini skid steer’s existing bucket function.
•   High torque direct drive design  -  These motors deliver the power directly to the cutting disc. No power is lost through a planetary reduction system. A wide selection of motors is available to maximize the productivity of your mini skid steer.
•   Front down design  -  Front down design keeps the front of the planer on the ground during operation to eliminate the throwing of debris.
•   Skid steer mount  -  The Universal mini skid steer mount allows the use of the planer on most mini skid steer models. Hands free operation of the depth control requires no additional hydraulic systems to operate.
•   Standard manual tilt  -  Standard manual tilt allows you to tilt the planer to blend surfaces or make taper cuts.
•   Optional offset mount  -  Optional two position mount allows milling next to curbs or edges of the road.