Brush Wolf Rotary Cutters

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Whether you own a full size or a compact skid steer, Brush Wolf has a model to suit your needs. The selection of operating equipment is vast, and so are the features offered.

Brush Wolf Rotary Cutters

Whether you own a full size or a compact skid steer, Brush Wolf has a model to suit your needs. The selection of operating equipment is vast, and so are the features offered. Our goal for the Brush Wolf attachments is to provide you with the best fit for your operating equipment. The best fit equates to working with the auxiliary hydraulic flow available on your machine.


Standard duty models utilize all the same drive and blade carrier components as our tried and true heavy duty models at a more budget friendly cost. A lighter support structure, limited guarding, and removed chain curtains are some of the modifications made to provide a more economical cutter option. Perfect for those who do occasional clearing or have less demanding jobs. All SD units are configured with the “open front” deck design that allows the blades to engage vegetation at the same time the leading edge makes contact.


Brush Wolf’s heavy duty cutters are the pioneers of the brush cutting industry and continue to be Brush Wolf’s top selling models. Their simplistic design and rugged construction has remained virtually unchanged for over twenty years. Reliability, ease of use, and low service cost are some of the many reasons the heavy duty line is so popular. These cutters make use of a hydraulic motor coupled to a right angle gearbox to drive a 5/16" spun formed “stump jumper” style blade carrier. They were the first and continue to be one of the best brush cutters available today!


Leading the Brush Wolf pack in performance is the new Alpha extreme duty cutter. These powerhouses are engineered to operate at flow rates between 23-45 GPM and are available in both standard (HD) and high flow (XP) configurations. Extreme duty models can be equipped with two different blade carriers types. The four blade carrier (pictured below) has reversible “flat” blades and is geared towards industrial and commercial land clearing applications. All Brush Wolf blade carriers are CNC balanced for ultra smooth operation.


The Brush Wolf 9000 is the widest skid loader rotary brush cutter available in today’s market. The multi-spindle design utilizes two separate motor/gearbox drive assemblies rather than a single motor to power both gearboxes. The offset spindle configuration provides 90" of complete cutting coverage, leaving no ground untouched. These extra wide machines make quick work of vegetation up to 5" in diameter and are commonly used to manage and maintain large tracts of land. One trip down the trail and your done!


Model Required Flow Cutting Capacity Cutting Width Weight Deck Thickness
SD6000 LF 10-15 gpm 3" 60" 840 lbs 1/4"
SD6000 16-25 gpm 4" 60" 840 lbs 1/4"
SD7200 LF 15-20 gpm 3" 72" 1000 lbs 1/4"
SD7200 21-25 gpm 4" 72" 1000 lbs 1/4"
6000 LF 10-15 gpm 3" 60" 950 lbs 1/4"
6000 16-25 gpm 4" 60" 950 lbs 1/4"
6600 LF 10-15 gpm 3" 72" 1050 lbs 1/4"
6600 16-25 gpm 4" 72" 1050 lbs 1/4"
7200 LF 15-20 gpm 3" 72" 1160 lbs 1/4"
7200 21-25 gpm 4" 72" 1160 lbs 1/4"
7200 HF 26-40 gpm 5" 72" 1210 lbs 1/4"
7800 LF 20-25 gpm 4" 78" 1280 lbs 1/4"
7800 26-40 gpm 5" 78" 1340 lbs 1/4"
ALPHA HD 23-32 gpm 10" 72" 2320 lbs 1/4"
ALPHA XP 33-45 gpm 10" 72" 2320 lbs 1/4"
 Multi Spindle
9000 20-25 gpm 4" 90" 1790 lbs 1/4"
9000 HF 26-40 gpm 5" 90" 1840 lbs 1/4"




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