Bush Hog Box Blades

Part #: BH-BoxBlades
More tools to handle the landscaping chores of homeowners and compact tractor owners. Available in 4 to 8 foot widths, Bush Hog has the perfect box blade to fit your needs.

Bush Hog Box Blades

CBX Series

The CBX Series Compact Box Blades are designed to do big things with small tractors up to 24 HP. All feature Bush Hog®’s legendary rugged construction and performance features that’ll help you get the job done not just today or tomorrow, but for many years to come.

BBX Series

Bush Hog’s BBX Series of Box Blades is an excellent choice for a full-size box blade that can handle landscaping chores and other light duty tasks around the home or farm. Designed for small, compact and subcompact tractors with up to 30 HP (4WD) or 40 HP (2WD), the BBX Series is built to handle tough tasks at a very reasonable price.

MBX Series

Bush Hog’s MBX Series Medium Duty Box Blades are the ideal choice for use around the farm or by landscape contractors on the jobsite. These box blades are rated for use on 2WD tractors up to 65 PTO horsepower and 4WD tractors up to 55 PTO horsepower with a Cat. I or II 3-point hitch. They feature a heavy duty A-frame, heat-treated scarifier shanks, and a swinging tailgate to provide years of trouble-free performance. Whether you are grading driveways, cleaning out barns, or leveling a construction jobsite, these medium duty box blades are sure to meet your needs.

RBX Series

Bush Hog’s Retractable Box Blade has the ability to lower or retract the shanks depending on the job. With the shanks down, the RBX becomes a scarifying machine able to penetrate hard ground much deeper than a standard box blade. Each heat treated shank has a replaceable plow point and is adjustable to dial in the perfect depth. The RBX attaches to the tractor using a heavy duty triple lug hitch and is compatible with all Category I & II three point lift tractors up to 70 hp. The scarifier box is retractable from the seat of the tractor with a pull from the handle. Retracting the shanks allows the use of the RBX’s massive box for grading and moving large volumes of dirt. The RBX’s reversible and replaceable 1/2” x 6” front cutting edge grades while the formed moldboard rolls the dirt as it fills up the box. The floating tail gate allows the front cutting edge to cut deeper by floating up and out of the way and instantly engages when the operator needs to back fill. When the need to level, grade and backfill arises, Bush Hog’s Retractable Box Blade is the perfect tool for the job.

SBX Series

The Bush Hog® SBX Series Box Blades are exceptional tools when the job requires grading, leveling or back filling. The scarifiers have three adjustable height positions and replaceable heat-treated tips for extended wear. Two 1/2 x 6-inch heat-treated, reversible and replaceable cutting edges smooth even the roughest ground. Rated for use on 2WD tractors up to 50 PTO horsepower and 4WD tractors up to 35 PTO horsepower, these box blades provide excellent value for the price.

Roll Over Series

With the ability to perform three different functions, Bush Hog’s Roll Over Rear Mounted Box Blade is one of the most versatile implements for contractor and landscape work. In the first position, the heat-treated reversible cutting edge is ideal for grading the material. The second position allows for easy backfilling. In the third position, heavy-duty scarifier shanks provide plenty of ripping ability for breaking up compacted ground. And all three positions can be easily changed right from the tractor seat. Rated for use on 2WD tractors up to 60 PTO horsepower and 4WD tractors up to 45 PTO horsepower, they are available in 60-inch, 65-inch and 72-inch widths.


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