CX8000 Super Conventional Combine

Part #: CX8000
The CX8000 Super Conventional combines are the super choice for fast harvesting! Backed by 100 years of factory production knowledge and more than 40 years of conventional combine experience, CX8000 combines deliver super-fast threshing and separation, less grain damage and a new level of convenience and comfort.



Over 100 years ago, in 1906 Leon Claeys made his first threshing machines in Zedelgem, Belgium. In 1952, the first European self-propelled combine was built. Today, the Zedelgem site is the “New Holland center of excellence for harvesting equipment”. The new CX8000 models are designed and built by dedicated people, who know what total customer satisfaction means, both in terms of harvesting performance and on-the-job reliability. Over 10,000 CX combines have been produced since their introduction in 2001, and they have undergone a constant evolution process to guarantee the most up-to-date innovative solutions to tackle changing farming practices. The CX8090 is the world’s most powerful strawwalker combine, and its new Tier 4A compliant engine, featuring productivity-boosting ECOBlue™ SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction), is the latest step forward in the continuous drive to improve the CX8000 performance.

What’s more, the CX8000 operator is always in perfect control of the harvesting process, with a whole raft of information at his fingertips thanks to the IntelliView™ IV monitor with its wide color display and touch screen navigation. Innovative automatic guidance devices such as the IntelliSteer™ system further maximize field precision for increased productivity. With a three-model line up, producing up to 489 (CV) hp, you are sure to find your perfect harvesting partner.


CX8070 322 hp, 295 bu. tank capacity 
CX8080 350 hp 330 bu. tank capacity
CX8090 400 hp 330 bu. tank capacity