Farm-Land Bale Wrappers

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Our made in the USA products make wrapping hay quick and easy. Freshness counts and happy healthy cows produce, so give your cows the best quality hay bales. Our pull-type and 3-point round bale wrappers seal in freshness and nutrients to keep out bad bacteria and oxygen.

Farm-Land Bale Wrappers

One Man Operated Machines. Handle Your Bales With Improved Efficiency for Increased Productivity

Pull-Type Bale Wrapper

Seal in flavor and nutrients for the freshest bales of hay so you can keep your cows happy and healthy so they continue to produce. The Model 450, pull type round bale wrapper ensures your bales keep oxygen and bad bacteria out for superior quality. This machine allows you to carry 2 bales out of the field. You can unload the bale and set it on the end where you want it then, start the next bale without getting off the tractor. The lift arm that is designed to lift the bale and turn it while driving so it begins wrapping bale while driving to the next bale. The lower rolls automatically rotate the bale at the proper speed as the rotating arm dispenses wrap. Once it's finished wrapping, the film is cut.

3-Point Hitch Bale Wrapper

Wrapping your hay bales can seal in freshness while keeping moisture, bacteria and oxygen out. Get a high-quality 3 point hitch round bale wrapper (Model 550) to make your farming easier and more efficient. Farm-Land Bale Wrappers LLC offers superior farming equipment to ensure you get the best results from your work.


  Model 450 Model 550
 Type Pull-Type 3-Point Hitch
 Bale Sizes 4'x4' to 5'x5' 4'x4' to 5'x5'
 Max Bale Weight 2000 lbs 3000 lbs
 Unit Dimensions (LxWxH) 170" x 88" x 109" 101.5" x 48" x 94.5"
 Unit Weight 3250 lbs 1480 lbs
 Tractor Requirements
Horsepower     -- 75 hp (4x4), 90 hp (5x5)
Remotes     One Two
Flow     8 gpm 12 gpm
Pressure     1800 psi 1800 psi


Wrappers Eliminate a Lot of Problems

  • Wrap high moisture bales or dry hay
  • Approved by many universities after years of field and feed loss studies throughout North America and Europe
  • Average 25% loss on dry bales
  • No protein losses- you get more of the leaves
  • No field losses of total digestible nutrients - E.D.N. 5% loss - 100 lbs
  • No protein or E.D.N. supplements required to raise the levels of feeding quality
  • No loss of sun sensitive vitamins and minerals so necessary for herd health, especially vitamin A
  • No digestive problems - the most important being no bloat - no bloat
  • No heat in the hay layers - bacteria ferment - all the good bacteria and enzymes are alive
  • No weather problems - hay off in one day (cut in the morning, wrap in the afternoon) wrap hay at 55% - 65% moisture
  • One day hay operation gives you as many as 28 days more growing time. Usually, gives you one more cutting of hay per year.
  • No worry from weather problems, rain is no bother!
  • Everything you have grown is still available in your feeds. Usually eliminates the need for high priced supplements.
  • Using wrapper will give you 1/3 of your acres back for other feeds or cash crop
  • Individually packing your feed gives you unlimited versatility
  • The extra feeds are even versatile to blend
  • Wrapping lets you test and balance your feed rations and it doesn't change because of storage loss.
  • Changing your harvesting methods and nearly double your incomes potential
  • All feeding operations can be mechanized - eliminates all that hand labor wrestling hay bales
  • Wrapping - testing and balancing rations really pay big $$$$




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