BigBaler 330/340

Part #: 330
Alfalfa? Straw? Grass? Biomass? Corn Stalks? Every operation is different and the BigBaler Series gives you the right package for outstanding performance in any crop. With a wide choice of CropCutter™ and standard models, both full and partial bale chamber ejection, and tire/axle combinations for any terrain, you can easily find the right model for your needs. A wide array of accessories makes it easy to customize this baler to make great bales in any situation.




New Holland knows that you want to get done baling as fast as possible when the crop is ready. That’s why we’ve made the BigBaler Series faster than previous-generation balers. No speed limit? Absolutely. Baling at speeds up to 110 bales/hour, you’ll be able to get done more quickly. With the new MaxiSweep™ pickup and its insatiable appetite, a 14% increase in plunger strokes per minute, the matched-width feeding that maximizes efficiency and New Holland’s proven pre-compression system, it all adds up to the highest-capacity New Holland baler ever.



Square, dense bales every time with no excuses—that’s what you get with a BigBaler. Professional operators expect quality bales and New Holland has designed every part of this baler to meet the highest standards. The industry-leading pre-compression chamber ensures perfect flake formation, and the three-way density system builds solid bales. New SmartFill™ bale flake formation indicators provide real-time feedback to ensure consistent performance in any windrow or field condition. It’s a competitive market and New Holland gives you the tools to make superior bales.


Time is money. Efficient maintenance keeps your baler where it belongs—in the field. The BigBaler’s exclusive one-piece shield gives you unparalleled access and time savings during cleanout. The industry-leading, one-piece, slide-out knife drawer on CropCutter™ balers makes knife sharpening easy. The automatic lubrication system keeps BigBalers working longer. A flat service deck makes knotter access a breeze. Convenient service is the key to maximizing your time, and in this baler, it’s first in class.

Model Tractor Requirement Bale Width Bale Height Max Bale Length
BigBaler 330 102 PTO hp 31.5” 35.4” 108”
BigBaler 330 CropCutter Packer Cutter 110 PTO hp 31.5” 35.4” 108”
BigBaler 330 CropCutter Rotor Cutter 130 PTO hp 31.5” 35.4” 108”
BigBaler 340 122 PTO hp 47.3” 35.4” 108”
BigBaler 340 CropCutter Rotor Cutter 150 PTO hp 47.3” 35.4” 108”