Worksaver Bale Grabbers

Part #: UBH-2000
Specialty front loader hay handling attachments. These attachments require that the front loader bucket be removed to install unit.
The UBH-2000 "Bale Hugger" and the UBH-2072 "Bale Hand" will gently handle large round or rectangular wrapped bales that weigh up to 2200 lbs. Both provide smooth curved clamping arms to prevent wrapped bale puncture. The UBH-2000 has adjustable main frame to allow for handling 3½ to 6 ft. bales.

The UBH-2000 provides one stationary arm and one moveable arm to better handle stacked bales. Both clamping arms open and close simultaneously on the UBH-2072 to gently handle 4 to 6 ft. bales without tearing the plastic wrap.

The RBH-4000 Rectangular Bale Handler will handle either two 4' xs 4' x 8' bales or three 3' x 3' x 8' bales. Five 26" long forged spears are placed along the bottom of the unit. Six 18" long spears are supplied for the uprights. Each side features 5 hooks that are moveable by the operator. Unit is 79.50" wide and 80" high.

Model Bale Type Bale Size Capacity Weight
UBH-2000 Round 3½' - 6' 2000 lbs 435 lbs
UBH-2072 Round 4' - 6' 2200 lbs 492 lbs
RBH-4000 Rectangular (2) 4' x 4' x 8'
(3) 3' x 3' x 8'
4000 lbs 881 lbs