Amulet Backhoe Thumbs

Part #: Backhoe Thumbs
Heavy duty, carrier specific hydraulic thumb
Heavy duty, carrier specific hydraulic thumb          
  • Forestry
  • Erosion Control
  • General Construction
  • Solid Waste Handling
  • Land Clearing & Demolition
The rugged Amulet PowerClamp substantially increases an excavator's versatility. Like the thumb on your hand, the PowerClamp allows the excavator to grasp objects, making it an indispensable tool for placing rip-rap, loading brush, logs or debris. Ideal for removing pavement or for demolition work as well as separating recyclables.
Amulet excavator PowerClamp
  • Heavy gussets & reinforcements where needed.
  • Serrated teeth with webbing provide positive gripping action.
  • Large diameter hardened pins & bushings throughout.
  • Clamp retracts close to the dipper when not needed.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with extra heavy duty rods.
  • Heavy duty clamp stop also protects cylinder.
  • Excavators weighing greater than 20K lbs:
  • Clamps are matched to individual buckets - all teeth mesh
  • Tooth bar design offers wider / narrower tooth arrangement.
  • Most non-linkage PowerClamps can be upgraded to full-linkage.
Full clamp motion - no additional hydraulics required
The Amulet Manufacturing Company, Inc. first developed the HoeClamp in 1983. Since then, HoeClamps have been designed to fit most models of later backhoes and small excavators, including those with extendable dippers. The concept of quality, durability, and "Quick, Easy Installation" is still the most important aspect of all HoeClamps.
  • Aids in Excavation. Traps heaped soil in the bucket. Decreases cycle time & increass payload while in digging position.
  • No Additional Hydraulics. Action similar to a conventional hydraulic clamping device, but without extr cylinders, hose or controls. Utilizes bucket cylinder for clamping force. The grasping ability of the HoeClamp far exceeds the lifting ability of the hoe.
  • Lightweight. Although built rugged, HoeClamps weigh less since no additional heavy cylinders are required.
  • Low Vulnerability. Few moving parts, no hoses or cylinders to damage.
  • Easy to Install. Simply replace guide links and slide in main pin.
  • Stored Position. Can be placed in a stored position while not in use.
The clamping action of the HoeClamp, offering full clamp movement without requiring any additional hydraulics, is achieved through our patented "Kidney Link" design, eliminating the need for additional hoses, valves, and cylinders used in conventional hydraulic clamping devices. The HoeClamp is quick and easy to install, basically maintenance free and is easy to place in a stored position when the clamping action is not required, thereby, protecting the dipper from damage. The HoeClamp includes everything needed for complete installation: Clamp, new Main Pin, 2 Kidney Links, new Guide Links and 4 Link Pins. In addition, all milled holes have replaceable tension bushings, with pins made of a heat treated hardened alloy. The Amulet HoeClamp is HEAVY DUTY! ... BUILT TO LAST! ... and will usually pay for itself on the first job. Most jobs currently performed with a bucket alone can be accomplished faster, easier, and cheaper with the HoeClamp. The HoeClamp makes dollars and sense!
B.R.U.T. - Best Rigid Universal Thumb. Universal non-hydraulic thumb
Amulet offers the Best Rigid Universal Thumb - B.R.U.T. for an excellent alternative for contractors looking for a grappling device that is heavy duty in design and easy to use. Built to excel in Demolition, Placing Rip Rap, Brush and Log Handling, Scrap and Recycling, etc. Designed for those who do not require the independent control features of mechanical HoeClamps or hydraulic PowerClamps.
  • Manufactured for heavy duty applications. High Grade T-1 steel construction is used in all critical components.
  • Unique - "Integrated Design". When not in use, the B.R.U.T. series thumb, and its components, are designed to STORE ENTIRELY INTO A SINGLE INTEGRATED UNIT, Other manufacturers continue to use designs that have given operators their #1 headache - Storing the thumb. "These manufacturers offer thumbs which require disassembly and removal of the heavy support strut and its pins, then add the inconvenience of storing these parts in a separate location. If you've ever tried to hunt down loose components, you'll quickly see why the B.R.U.T. is so much better".
  • Easy installation. Most owner/operators who are proficient in welding, can position and install these B.R.U.T.'s in about 4 hours. All B.R.U.T. models are shipped preassembled as installed.
  • Amulet Offers Seven Different Models in the B.R.U.T. series. Each model is designed to cover a specific segment of machines that range between 2,500 - 100,000 lbs. We can help you choose the model best suited for your particular loader/backhoe, mini or full size excavator.
  • Adjustable Fixed Thumb two fixed working positions and stores as a complete unit.
  • Simple Installation shipped preassembled, simply lay the base on the stick & weld. No messy hydraulic hoses or valves! Additional reinforced backing plates available for use with multiple machines (rental yards).
  • Field-Customizable to fit specific bucket lengths.
  • Independent Main-Pin on clamp does not interfere when changing bucket & works with all quick couplers.
  • Easily Adjustable. All adjustments made by moving a single pin.