Amulet Backhoe Thumbs

Part #: Amulet-BHT
The rugged Amulet Backhoe Thumbs substantially increase the versatility of an excavator. Like the thumb on your hand, the Backhoe Thumb allows the excavator to grasp objects, making it an indispensable tool for demolition, land clearing, scrap handling, as well as log or debris loading.

Amulet Backhoe Thumbs

PowerClamp Hydraulic Thumb

The Amulet PowerClamp shared main pin, hydraulic thumb offers superior performance for a variety of demanding jobs encountered by municipalities, logging crews, general contractors and demolition professionals. Featuring heavy-duty cushioned hydraulic cylinders, low-wear serrated teeth, induction hardened pins and high strength alloy steel construction, the PowerClamp is built to last. PowerClamp thumbs for backhoe loaders typically have up to a 140 degree range of rotation, depending on the backhoe’s dipper design and are available for use with or without quick attach couplers.

HoeClamp Mechanical Thumb

The Amulet HoeClamp is a mechanical, pin-on, full motion thumb that fits most standard and telescopic extendable stick backhoe loaders. Easy to install and use, it is operated by bucket curl using Amulet’s patented kidney link design. The HoeClamp requires no additional hydraulics on the backhoe. With the ability to grasp, dig and be stored away when not in use, the Amulet HoeClamp is a must for ultimate backhoe versatility. For construction, rock handling, land clearing, demolition and excavation projects, the HoeClamp cannot be beat for the cost.

B.R.U.T. CT Series Rigid Thumb

Amulet offers the Best Rigid Universal Thumb – B.R.U.T. for an excellent alternative for backhoe loader and small excavator owners looking for a thumb that is heavy duty in design and easy to install and use. Built to excel in demolition, rip rap, land clearing, scrap, etc. the CT Series thumbs are designed for those who are unable to, or do not require the use of hydraulic thumbs. When not in use, all CT model thumbs are designed to store as complete units tightly against the dipper. The CT stands for “Convertible Thumb”, which allows the rigid, 4-position model to be converted to hydraulic at a later time by replacing the telescopic strut with a hydraulic cylinder.

B.R.U.T. Nitro Series Rigid Thumb

Amulet’s heavy duty Nitro Series NT thumbs are available for base machines ranging from 15,000 – 100,000 lbs.. With its unique profile and multi-tine design, independent main pin and 4 operating positions, the Amulet Nitro Series thumbs are ideal for demolition, land clearing, as well as scrap and log handling projects.






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