JRCO Hooker Aerator

Part #: Hooker Aerator
The JRCO Hooker Aerator is designed for the lawn care professional. It saves time and labor with high-production aeration. Aerate 66,000 square feet per hour at 5 mph.
Each of the three caster assemblies has two floating cast iron tine rotor heads. The casters swivel, allowing turning while aerating. The six floating rotor heads independently lift over tree roots and rocks while the other heads continue to aerate.
The 38-inch wide Hooker Aerator punctures up to six holes per square foot. Holes are approximately ½" wide by 1¼" long and up to 3" deep. Tines pierce deep into the soil, hooking and lifting loose plugs of dirt that disperse quickly, spreading nutrients over the surface. No unsightly hard plugs accumulate on the lawn. The lifting action of the tines prevents soil compaction that is common with hollow tine aerators and allows good filtration of air and water into the lawn.
The front-mount aerator attaches to the JRCO mount bar with two clevis pins. An electric actuator lifts the heads for transport.

  • Hooking tines lift soft soil plugs.
  • Aerator heads caster allowing zero-turn maneuverability.
  • Electric actuator lifts aeration heads for transport.
  • Switch control for electric lift mounts on operator control arm for easy operation.
  • Hardened steel one-piece rotors assemblies and hardened axles for long life.
  • Aerator frame supported by castering wheels with heavy-duty yokes.
  • Independent rotor heads lift over rocks or roots while remaining heads continue aerating.
Aerator attaches to JRCO mount bar with 2 clevis pins.

  Model 751
Aeration Width 38"
Aeration patttern 5" x 6"
Hole size ½" wide x 1¼" long,
up to 3" deep
Tines 3/8" wide x 3" long
Productivity 1.5 acres per hour
@ 5 mph
Weight 198 lbs
Dimensions, WxLxH 38¼" x 35" x 16"