Toro Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Part #: Toro-Snow
Toro Single Stage snowblowers are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Ideal for urban- and suburban-size driveways that can park up to 8 cars. They clear up to 9” of snow at a time and clear down to the pavement.

Toro Power Clear® Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Get a Move On - The self-propel Power Propel® system's unique scraper keeps the paddle in constant contact with the ground, pulling you through the snow.

Shreds Snow Fast - Efficiently shreds through snow while reducing clogging with the curved rubber paddles and housing of Power Curve® Technology.

Put Snow Where You Want It - With a touch of the hand, the locking deflector lets you aim exactly where you want to throw snow from the chute.


  Power Clear
518 ZR/ZE
Power Clear
721 ZR/ZE
Power Clear
721 QZE
Power Clear
821 QR/ZE
Clearing Width 18" 21" 21" 21"
Cutting Depth 12" 12.5" 12.5" 12.5"
Engine 99cc Toro Premium OHV 212cc Toro Premium OHV 252cc Toro Premium OHV
Drive System Rotor Propelled Self-Propelled Power Propel
Starting Recoil (ZR) / Electric (ZE) Electric Electric
Max Throwing Distance 25' 35' 35' 40'
Auger System Power Curve Power Curve Power Curve Power Curve
Deflector Locking Locking Locking Locking
Chute Control Chute Mounted Chute Mounted Quick Mounted Quick Mounted