Jacto Vortex Boom Sprayers

Part #: Jacto-VBS
Jacto offers air-assist Vortex boom sprayers in 3-point hitch and trailer versions with up to 800 gallon capacity,and up to 60 foot booms. Air-assist boom technology offers unsurpassed coverage and crop protection while reducing drift by up to 70%. Vortex boom sprayers cover twice the area of conventional sprayers by dramatically increasing the efficiency of spray solution delivery to the target crop.

Jacto Advance Vortex Boom Sprayers


The Wind Does Not Interrupt the Work - The drift reduction avoids the interruption of work on stronger wind days.

Better Penetration and Coverage in the Plant - The air of boom in Advance vortex , in addition to improving the penetration of the pesticide inside the plantation, produces excellent coverage, even on the underside of the leaf.

High Resistance and Practicality - The 528 or 792 gallon tank allows for long working hours. Made of polyethylene, with a polished finish on the internal and external surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Resists impacts and corrosions.

Pressure in the Right Measure - For better spray control, the Advance Line has several options for spray commands and boom activation. The farmer can choose between the masterflow manual, masterflow cable, masterflow eletric and masterflow eletronic commands.


 Model Advance 2000 AM18 Vortex Advance 3000 AM18 Vortex BK 3024 Vortex
 Tank Capacity 528 gal. 792 gal. 792 gal.
 Clean Water Tank Capacity 4 gal. (26 gal. optional) 53 gal. 80 gal.
 Tank Material Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
 Chemical Solution Agitation Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
 Spray Pump Flow Rate 26 or 40 gpm 26 or 40 gpm 40 or 79 gpm
 Main Filter Capacity 26 or 53 gpm 27 or 53 gpm 53 gpm
 Boom Length 59' 59' 79'
 Boom Actuation Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
 Boom Working Height 14"-52" 23"-60" 20"-79"
 Fan Air Speed 62 mph 62 mph 62 mph
 Fan Air Volume 388.4 cfs 388.4 cfs 477 cfs






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