Power Edger SuperPivot

Part #: 1305SP
The self-propelled Power Edger SuperPivot enables easy operation for continuous use without operator fatigue. The Model 1305SP is designed for Bed Grooming along with optional Bed Opening and Trenching. The Model 1305SP1 is designed for Bed Grooming & Bed Opening with optional Trenching. The SideWinder utilizes two interchangeable blades. The design allows for quick change of blades with simple 3-bolt attachment.
Bed Grooming
Clean Cutting Disc Blade
•   The serrated disc blade creates a very neat border by slicing the turf edge with minimum disturbance
•   Minimizes soil disturbance, enabling edge clean-up several times a season without re-mulching
•   Slices the soil up to 5" deep
•   Enables easy clean-up of sliced edge debris
•   Sidewinder SuperPivot is highly maneuverable for maintaining or creating bed contours
•   Blade hops up over roots to minimize damage to mature plants and root systems
•   Cutting speed - up to 100 ft./minute
Variable Angle Disc Blade for Optimum Performance
•   Disc angle is easily adjustable for contouring edges with tight turns such as tree ovals
•   Narrow angle of blade creates clean slice to lightly groom existing bed
•   Wider angle operation cleans up rough bed edges or creates new borders

Bed Opening
•   Aggressive trench action cuts cleanly through any ground conditions including roots and other obstructions
•   Pulverizes residue and places it in bed area
•   Cuts and clears contoured trench edge, leaving bed ready for mulching
•   Cuts 7" wide and up to 5" deep. This blade has a fixed width with variable depth.
•   Cutting speed - up to 100 ft./minute

•   Cuts up to 2" wide and up to 5" deep. This blade has variable width & variable depth.
•   Places soil next to trench for easy backfilling
•   Design allows for quick change of blades with simple 3-bolt attachment
•   Cutting speed - up to 100 ft./minute.

•   13HP Honda Model GXV390
•   3250 RPM Hi Idle Speed
•   20.3 ft-lb. Maximum Torque at 2500 RPM
•   Reliable, Durable Power and Long Life
•   Easy Starting
•   Pressure Lubricated

•   Turf Torq Model K62
•   1" Diameter Axle Shaft
•   Fluid: 10W/30 Class CD
•   Infinite Speed Control in Forward and Reverse
•   Internal Wet Disc Parking Brake
•   Tow Valve for Power-Off Mobility
•   Excellent Speed Metering Control

•   Heavy Formed-Tube Mainframe
•   Heavy Gauge Steel Structural Members
•   18" x 6.5" Heavy 4-Ply Lugged Drive Tires

•   Engine-Mounted Clutch/Brake for Safe Operation
•   Heavy Duty Bevel Gearbox and Sealed Bearings for Long Life

•   Adjustable Speed Control Lever for Low Effort Control in the Working Range and Fast Transport
•   Low Effort Implement Raise Lever
•   Finger Action implement Angle Control Lock