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At Farmco, we’re all about taking simple chores, like feeding cattle, and making them even simpler. For over 40 years, we’ve been assisting farmers around the country to find new ways to boost profits and reduce waste. From classic cattle feeder designs to innovative new models, we’ve created a set of tools to make our farms the best they can be. Because the better we feed our cattle, the better we feed the world.

Farmco Bale Feeder Wagons

700 DRB Series

A 7’-wide cattle hay feeder on wheels, built to feed all types of large bales, chopped feeds, and TMR. Letting your cattle waste hay is a bad deal. Wasting your time is a bad deal too. The 700 DRB cattle hay feeder wastes less of both. Let’s talk about hay. If you’re feeding your cattle with hay on the ground, you could be wasting up to 45%. And some designs of hay feeders don’t do much better. Hay feeders like the 700 DRB, on the other hand, are built to keep hay bales in the center of the feeder and encourage cattle to take much smaller bites of hay. There’s also your time. We’ve found cleaning a lot of hay feeders to be a frustrating, time-wasting process. So, we built the 700 DRB with the option of EZ Clean-Out racks, which flip out of the way during cleaning. It takes less than 2 minutes to shovel or sweep out a cattle hay feeder with EZ Clean-Out racks. No joke.

PQ Series

A 6’2”-wide cattle hay feeder with several configurations to support various feeding needs. The PQ series comes in a variety of configurations to suit specific farming needs. The standard version of the PQ series cattle hay feeder contains a “basket” frame in the center to hold bales and silage (when inserts are added to the basket); these feeders are loaded over the top. The rear-entry version of the feeder adds a back gate for loading hay and bales rest on two low rails just above the trough; the rear-entry model is designated with an "E" in the model number. With sizes from 10’ to 30’ feet, PQ series cattle hay feeders are suitable for a range of herd sizes. 10’ feeders rest on skid feet and can be moved by dragging; longer models feature wheels and axles for easy towing around the farm.

66 Series

A 5’6″-wide hay feed wagon, designed to handle all types of large bales, chopped feeds, and TMR. Great cattle farmers know that changing seasons and weather conditions call for changing feeding strategies. Sometimes that strategy is supplementing feed for pastured cattle. The frustrating part is managing pastures at different locations and handling feed transport from the barn to the pasture. That’s where a hay feed wagon like the 66 series comes in. With a hay feed wagon, feeding in different pastures simply becomes a matter of hooking up the feeder and heading out. Refill the feeder wagon on-site or pull it back to the barn to load up fresh hay or chopped feed. Either way, you can develop the process to be as efficient as possible for your operation.


Model Width Length Feed Openings Wheels
 700 DRB Series
CF710DRB 84" 10' 20 15x8 Rims
CF716DRB 84" 16' 28 15x8 Rims
CF720DRB 84" 20' 36 15x8 Rims
CF724DRB 84" 24' 42 15x8 Rims
CF730DRB 84" 30' 52 15x8 Rims
 PQ Series
PQ-520 74" 20' 38 15x8 Rims
PQ-525 74" 25' 46 15x8 Rims
PQ-530 74" 30' 52 15x8 Rims
(rear tandems)
 66 Series
CF6610D 66" 10' 16 15x6 Rims
CF6616D 66" 16' 24 15x6 Rims
CF6620D 66" 20' 34 15x6 Rims
CF6624D 66" 24' 40 15x6 Rims
CF6632D 66" 32' 52 15x6 Rims
(rear tandems)




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