BBI Mechanical Spreaders

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True Full Swath Driving Interval - Where most competitors spread at most 40 feet, the Salford BBI PTO spinners will spread 50 percent wider in fertilizer or lime. This means spreading nearly 100 acres per hour

BBI Mechanical Spreaders

Mechanical Spreaders Overview

  • True Full Swath Driving Interval - Where most competitors spread at most 40 feet, Salford's BBI PTO spinners will spread 50 percent wider in fertilizer or lime. This means spreading nearly 100 acres per hour.
  • Frame Construction - Salford's frame construction features 20 percent larger channel steel than our competitors, thicker hitch plates and with more adjustment options. Perfect hitches, bolt-on HD jacks, a larger and longer tongue tube, spinner guards and shielding plus laser-cut parts means improved durability, maneuverability, safety, and reliability.
  • Axle Options - Heavy-duty tandem axles, torsion-flex, and even walking beam suspension options are available.
  • Chains - Salford's mesh option has a rear roller made of billet stock, and our CNC-machined construction crafted with a superior alloy means consistent durable construction. Fabricated with two rows of weld as opposed to one, our mesh lasts longer and stretches less. A 60H stainless steel chain for the ground wheel drive mechanism is standard. Mesh or bar options available. UHMW blocks the rear roller cover and prevents material from falling out and streaking the field.
  • SS Bearing Back - Salford's stainless steel rear roller bearing has a protector plate on the rear rail, extending the life of the spreader. Grease is able to be pumped, cycled, and penetrated through the bearing, while the protector plate saves the back, exponentially increasing bearing life.
  • Spinner Accuracy & Hydraulic Spinner Drive - Hydraulic tractor-supplied spinners with ground wheel driven chain means 80 foot swaths with fertilizer, and 60 foot swaths with lime. Kevlar belts and BBI's propriety eliminator manifold are standard.
  • Eliminator Manifold - This proprietary BBI design is not found on any other spreader in its class. The eliminator manifold guards against improper hook up (failure to hook up return, cross hook-ups - cannot hook up backwards, and cannot overpressure), making Salford mechanical spreaders more durable and foolproof, great for rental fleets.
  • Overhead Spinner Motors - Overhead Spinner Motors are above the chemical resulting in extended motor life.
  • Infinite Adjustment Flow Divider - UHMW block and stainless steel rod. The flow divider allows for infinite adjustment and ensures that material is able to evenly flow through to the spinners.
  • Hopper Construction - Stronger 3D gussets, a strong inverted V option, and a rear gate that features dual rack and pinion which ensures that the gate never lodges or gets stuck sideways. All 304 or painted 409 stainless steel construction and stainless steel hardware.

BBI Grasshopper

Our high clearance 5 ton fertilizer, 7 ton lime spreader, designed for precision application of top dressings and row cropping. Rounded payload capacity of 189 cubic feet, the steel hopper is 9 feet long and 8 feet wide with 45 degree angle sides. This unit is driven using either self contained hydraulics or optional tractor supplied hydraulics.

BBI Liberty

BBI Liberty pull-type spreaders are designed to be the toughest, most durable fertilizer and lime spreaders in the market. With BBI's rugged design and construction you can more efficiently spread your fields, saving you time and money.

BBI Trooper

Designed and priced for fleet applications, BBI Trooper is easy to operate and is towable with almost any type of vehicle. Flotation tires prevent soil compaction, making this applicator ideal for small to medium-capacity jobs in a variety of settings, from row crops to sod/turf farms.


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