Estate Series Mini-Skid Loaders

Part #: RR-Estate
RAMROD Estate Series Mini Skid Loaders - Ideal for Estate Home Owners, Light Utility and Construction Applications

RAMROD Mini-Skid Loaders - Estate Series

Two models of RAMROD "Hydraulic Self-Propelled" Mini Loaders deliver big performance in small places. Machines are driver-friendly, with an unobstructed view of all working conditions, with quick-learning time, and equipped with Self-Centering Controls which "Stop Dead" all drive, lift, or leveling movements when the operator's hands are removed from the controls. Machines are easily transported in a trailer or pick up truck.

  • Quick-On, Quick Off Attachments - Change any of the versatile attachments in seconds reducing downtime and increasing productivity with the right tool.
  • Self-Load Self-leveling Loader - Prevents load "fall back" on operator at full lift height and eliminates the danger of losing a load during the raising and lowering process.
  • Superior Bucket Rollback and Dump Angle - 20 degree rollback angle lets you easily fill and carry material in the bucket. The 80 degree dump angle empties the load completely each time and prevents sticking to the bucket.
  • Easy Single Hand Palm Steering - Ramroad Exclusive and Unique Single Handed Steering Control System makes this machine very user friendly.
  • Narrow Width - Compact 30" overall width of the 4WD model gets the machine into confined areas, elevators, doorways and maneuvers easily in obstructed areas.


  Model 500 Model 575
 Drive System 4WD Track
 Engine Horsepower 13.5 hp 13.5 hp
 Traction (Push/ Pull) Power 995 lbs. 995 lbs.
 Lift Capacity at Full Height 500 lbs. 575 lbs.
 Carrying Capacity 825 lbs. 975 lbs.
 Lift Height 66.0" 66.0"
 Hydraulic Pump Capacity 6.3 gpm 6.3 gpm
 Relief Pressure 2100 psi 2100 psi
 Minimum Width 30.0" 34.0"
 Body Height 48.5" 48.5"
 Length w/Bucket 77.5" 77.5"
 Length w/o Bucket 58.5" 58.5"
 Ground Clearance 4.75" 4.75"
 Rollback (at all heights) 20° 20°
 Dump (at all heights) 80° 80°
 Weight 1150 lbs. 1380 lbs.




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