WorkMaster 45/55/65/75

New Holland salutes a generation of doers by introducing a new line of tractors with a familiar name - WORKMASTER. Popular in the 1960s, the original WORKMASTER models were known for their dependability and value. Today, it's no different. Whether you're mowing, moving, baling or loading, new WORKMASTER tractors work hard, are easy to afford, and at the end of the day, deliver the satisfaction of a job well done.

Product Code: WorkMaster

Like You, It Knows the Value of a Hard Earned Dollar
  • Dependable power - Available in 39, 47 and 66 PTO horsepower, WORKMASTER tractors offer reliable power to handle a wide variety of chores. Proven, four-cylinder engines deliver quiet start-up and quiet, smooth operation. These engines are fuel-efficient and "green," too. With Tier III emission compliance and the ability to use B5 biodiesel fuel, they're designed to be easy on the earth.
  • Designed for high value and long life
    • Cast iron axle construction allows WORKMASTER tractors to easily handle the strain of heavy loader work and a variety of tough three-point implement applications.
    • Inboard planetary final drive rear axle provides superior strength for long service life.
    • Big three-point hitch lift capacity -- 3,276 pounds on the WORKMASTER 75 -- means you can handle large mounted implements with ease.
    • Wet disk brakes run in oil to keep them cooler and extend brake life compared to the dry disc brakes found on other tractors.
  • Move gravel, hay, snow or mulch fast - Add a 615TL loader to expand the utility of your Workmaster tractor. A 2,624-pound lift capacity and fast cycle times help to speed up your lifting, loading and moving jobs. The quick-attach loader design makes it easy to add or remove it from the tractor, and the skid-steer-loader-style plate makes it simple to switch buckets and attachments, too.
  • Simple operation - You'll find the speeds you need to match any task with the NEW 8x8 transmission with four constant mesh gears in two ranges. Gears are in a simple H pattern, and New Holland makes it easy to shuttle shift from forward to reverse, too. A synchronized mechanical shuttle lever is located conveniently to the left of the steering wheel; perfect for loader applications.
  • Make short work of any job - The open-center hydraulic system utilizes tandem hydraulic pumps so you are sure to get all the power you need for steering, rear remote valve, three-point hitch, loader, and a variety of rear implements. An independent 540-rpm PTO means your threepoint implement remains engaged even when you change gears, turn or clutch
Type 4-cylinder, diesel 4-cylinder, diesel 4-cylinder, diesel 4-cylinder, diesel
PTO Horsepower 39 hp 47.5 hp 57 hp 66 hp
Gross Horsepower 45 hp 55 hp 65 hp 75 hp
Displacement 135 in³ 135 in³ 195 in³ 195 in³
Transmission Type 8Fx8R with 4 constant mesh gears,
2 constant mesh ranges
8Fx2R with 4 (2 syncronized) gears,2 constant mesh ranges
Implement Pump 11.6 gpm 11.6 gpm 10.4 gpm 10.4 gpm
Steering & Services 5.3 gpm 5.3 gpm 8.3 gpm 8.3 gpm
Total Max Flow 16.9 gpm 16.9 gpm 18.7 gpm 18.7 gpm
Rear 3-Point Hitch
Category Cat. II/I Cat. II/I Cat. II/I Cat. II/I
Lift Capacity 1830 lbs 2580 lbs 2520 lbs 3276 lbs
Rear PTO 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Weight - 2WD 3527 lbs 3770 lbs 5059 lbs 5059 lbs
Weight - FWD 3836 lbs 4078 lbs 5688 lbs 5688 lbs
Loader 615TL 615TL 615TL 615TL

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