Worksaver Landscape Rake
Ideal for grading, leveling or spreading topsoil       
Product Code: DCR

The Worksaver landscape rakes are ideal for commercial, farm, or home use. They are built sturdy for use in all types of applications, such as: grading; leveling; spreading top soil; removing stones from lawns, roots, trash; breaking up sod clumps; spreading stone,gravel, or cinders; smoothing ball diamonds, parking lots, and horse exercise yards.

All units offer 3-forward and 3-reverse rake postions. Each model is equipped with 5/16" x 1" x 16" tines which are individually bolted to the tine bar and supported by a "waffle plate" for added strength. The LRHD-series will fit a Category I quick hitch are supplied with a parking stand. Optional pneumatic gauge wheel(s) are available for each model to assist the operator with depth control.

•   For commercial, farm or home use.
•   Ideal for grading, leveling, spreading top soil, removing stones, roots and trash.
•   Other uses are breaking up sod clumps, spreading stone, gravel or cinders and smoothin ball diamonds, parking lots and horse exercise yards.
•   Rakes are maneuverable, permitting close work around fences, walls and other objects.
•   Sturdy frame construction for long life.
•   Heavy-duty 5/16" x 1" x 16" tines are standard equipment.
•   Tines are individually bolted to the frame reducing lost tines.
•   A "waffle plate" for added strength supports eac tine.
•   Five forward / rear angle positions on the DCR & MCR series for increased versatility.
•   Seven forward / rear angle positions on the LRHD series for precision leveling and grading.

Model Type Width Hitch HP Required Weight
DCR-4 Economy 4 ft. Cat 0/I up to 25 124 lbs.
DCR-5 Economy 5 ft. Cat 0/I up to 25 134 lbs.
MCR-6 Standard 6 ft. Cat I up to 40 187 lbs.
MCR-7 Standard 7 ft. Cat I up to 40 199 lbs.
LRHD-6 Heavy Duty 6 ft. Cat I up to 60 279 lbs.
LRHD-7 Heavy Duty 7 ft. Cat I up to 60 305 lbs.
LRHD-8 Heavy Duty 8 ft. Cat I up to 60 331 lbs.
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