Construction Attachment Four-in-One Bucket
Increase your loader productivity with a multi-purpose bucket
Product Code: Construction 4-1

Turns your Loader into a Fleet

Increase your loader productivity
with a multi-purpose bucket
  • For Skid Steer Loaders up to 130 horsepower equipped with a front quick-attach coupler.
  • For Agricultural Tractors up to 130 horsepower equipped with a direct-pin loader attachment.
  • For Tractor Loader Backhoes & Industrial Tractors
  • Scraping; High Dumping; Grabbing; Digging; Bulldozing; Clamming; Backfilling; Material Handling
  • Rounded moldboard for improved material loading & unloading.
  • High strength alloy steel hitch components.
  • High strength, abrasion-resistant components in wear areas.
  • Bolt-on reversible dozer edge standard.
  • 7,250 lbs maximum clam clamping force.
  • Bucket shipped with all hydraulic components required for hook up to a skid steer.
  • Bucket hinge design provides one of the largest clam openings available.
  • Pre-drilled front cutting edge to accept optional edge components.
  • Smaller buckets are available in a low-capacity model which promote operator visibility.
  • Rear hitch designed to match host machine's specific hitch design (quick-attach or direct pin).
  • Hitch designed so that bucket clears large tires or tracks on most makes of skid steer loaders.
  • Optional spill guard available on some models.
  • Optional electric/hydraulic solenoid valve to actuate clam circuit available for ag tractors.
Bucket Configurations
  • Base bucket with pre-drilled holes in front cutting edge.
  • Base bucket with factory-installed front bolt-on cutting edge.
  • Base bucket with factory-installed bolt-on teeth.
  • Base bucket with factory-installed bolt-on tooth bar.
Type Available Widths Capacities Max Clam
Compact Tractor Loaders
Compact, Standard Bottom  54" 60", 66", 72" 6.7-9.1 ft³ 19.0"
Skid Steers & Ag Tractors
Low Capacity, Standard Bottom  60", 67", 73" 10.5-13.5 ft³ 36.25"
Low Profile, Extended Bottom  67", 73", 76" 16-19 ft³ 39.25"
Low Profile, Severe Duty  67", 73", 76", 80", 85" 16-23 ft³ 39.25"
High Capacity, Extended Bottom  67", 73", 76" 18-21 ft³ 40.25"
High Capacity, Severe Duty  80", 84" 22.5-25 ft³ 40.25"
TLB & Industrial Tractors
Industrial, Severe Duty  88", 93" 27-32.4 ft³ 35.5"

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