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TK4000 Crawler
A new sleek profile and smooth control adds to the legendary performance of New Holland crawler tractors.

The NEW TK4000 family of crawler tractors expands upon the legendary durability, power and maneuverability of previous generations of New Holland crawlers by adding comfort, efficiency and an element of style. Four TK4000 models range from 76 to 99 horsepower and feature the distinctive New Holland "cat's eye" family styling with the signature sloped hood design.

Product Code: TK4000

  • Bold power - A195 cu. in. (3.2 L) engine is used in the TK4030V, while a 274 cu. in. (4.5 L) engine is used in the TK4050, TK4050M and TK4060.All engines are turbocharged and intercooled for maximum performance and fuel efficiency. The TK4000 crawler tractor engines are all Tier III emissions certified and approved for use with biodiesel blends up to B100 (must meet ASTM 6751 standards), improving air quality for both you and your crops.
  • A versatile family - The TK4000 Series crawler tractor family includes four distinct product offerings to conquer the specific task at hand. The TK4030V, with 64 PTO horsepower and a width of only 46.1 inches, is perfect for the narrow rows of vineyard applications. It pulls heavy loads and operates in the extreme vineyard terrain where conventional wheeled tractors can't. The most popular model, the TK4050, is offered in two configurations - the standard (TK4050) and the mountain (TK4050M). The TK4050 is the true all purposed crawler tractor solution, offering the correct combination of size (55.5 inches wide) and power (94 engine hp/76 PTO hp). The TK4050M, with its low center of gravity, long track footprint, and wide track offering, operates safely on a 20% steeper slope than a wheeled tractor, making it ideal for mountainside use. The massive power of the TK4060 - 99 engine (88 PTO) horsepower - allows you to easily handle tillage and PTO applications. Regardless of the job, New Holland has a crawler that will satisfy your requirements.
  • Crawler comfort - New Holland has enhanced the TK4000 crawler platform design for even more comfort and convenience. An improved layout of the threepoint hitch and rear remote control levers makes them easier to reach and use.All the main controls are grouped conveniently around you where they come easily to hand. The exclusive Steering-O-Matic lever in the center of the front console allows you to control the steering with only one hand, freeing your right hand to control implements. The seat, footrest and fenders are ISO-mounted to reduce noise and vibration, and multiple seat adjustments allow you to find the perfect position for you. The seat base can even be tilted for working on slopes. The new, unique Lift-O-Matic PlusTM feature is easy to set-up and allows the operator to precisely control three-point hitch mounted implements. It is easier and faster then ever to adjust the threepoint to pre-set positions or modify the implement position on the go.
  • Dual-pump hydraulic power - TK4000 crawler tractors use two separate open-center hydraulic circuits to enhance hydraulic performance. An 11.9-gpm implement pump (9.4 gpm on the smallest model TK4030V) and a 5.8 -gpm steering and services pump (5.4-gpm on the TK4030V) provide the generous flow needed to handle a variety of implements. Three-point hitch lift capacity is also impressive - 4,075 pounds SAE rated. Three rear remotes are standard on all crawlers, with a fourth available on the TK4050, TK4050M and TK4060 to meet your requirements
Engine TK4030V TK4050 TK4050M TK4060
Gross Engine Power 76 hp 94 hp 94 hp 99 hp
PTO Power 64 hp 83 hp 83 hp 88 hp
Cylinders 4 4 4 4
Aspiration Turbo Turbo Turbo Turbo
Displacement 195 in³ 274 in³ 274 in³ 274 in³
Rated Speed 2300 rpm 2500 rpm 2500 rpm 2500 rpm
Transmission Speeds 8F x 8R 8F x 8R 8F x 8R 8F x 8R
Ground Speed Range 1-6.8 mph 1-7.5 mph 1-7.5 mph 1-7.5 mph
System Open center Open center Open center Open center
System Pressure 2755 psi 2755 psi 2755 psi 2755 psi
Implement Pump 9.4 gpm 11.9 gpm 11.9 gpm 11.9 gpm
Steering Pump 5.4 gpm 5.8 gpm 5.8 gpm 5.8 gpm
Remote Valves 3 (std) 3 (std) 3 (std) 3 (std)
Three-Point Hitch  
Category I & IIN I & II I & II I & II
Lift Capacity @ 24" 4075 lbs 4075 lbs 4075 lbs 4075 lbs
Track & Dimensions  
Standard Track Size 10.6" 12.2" 15.7" 17.7"
Optional Track Sizes -- -- 17.7" --
Track Rollers 4 5 6 6
Wheelbase 53.2" 62.4" 62.4" 65.2"
Track Setting 35.4" 43.3" 51.2" 51.2"
Overall Width 46.1" 55.5" 67.0" 68.9"
Max Length 130" 135" 135" 135"
Height @ Top of Seat 50.3" 56.3" 56.3" 56.3"
Height @ Top of Rollbar 87.0" 91.5" 91.5" 91.5"