3715 Mower
15-Foot Cutting Width, Heavy Duty Wing Drivelines, Spring Cushioned Axle Arms Near Wheels
Product Code: 3715

Available in cutting widths from 12 to 20 feet, Bush Hog Flex Wings are legendary for their performance, durability and longevity. Wings float independently over uneven terrain for a uniform cutting appearance. So whether you’re maintaining a rolling pasture or orchard, or clearing heavy crops or overgrown roadsides, you’ll find a model that meets your needs and matches your tractor.
Performance Features
•    15-Foot Cutting Width
•    Heavy Duty Wing Drivelines
•    Spring Cushioned Axle Arms Near Wheels
•    5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
•    Self Leveling Hitch
•    Designed For Right Of Way And Brush Clearing
•    Driveline Safety Retaining Rings - BUSH HOG EXCLUSIVE
•    7 Gauge Deck Construction
•    7 Gauge Strongbacks
•    1/4 Inch Sidebands
•    Independent Spring Cushion At Each Axle Arm
•    Heavy Duty Axle Turn Buckles
•    Greaseable Axle Pivot Points
•    Heavy Duty Wheel Hubs And Axle Spindles
•    Driveline Safety Retaining Rings
•    5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
•    Powder Coat Paint