76C Windrow Pick-up Header for CR/CX Combines

You’ll gather wider windrows and save more grain with the new 12- and 15-foot 790CP windrow pickup headers from New Holland. Both models are designed to operate at faster field speeds with reduced seed loss to boost your harvesting productivity.

Product Code: 76C

The 76C windrow pick-up header is available in 12, 14 and 16-foot widths and two designs: SwathMaster™ Belt Pick-up and Rake-Up™ Pick-up. SwathMaster™ Belt Pick-up uses four individual rollers, a pickup belt that gently lifts crop into the header and a draper belt that carries the crop to the auger and into the feeding area. Choose a model with both front and rear windguard and hydraulic adjustment on the front windguard, or choose a model with a rear windguard with mechanical adjustment.

76C available in widths 12 (grass seed only), 14 and 16 ft.


  • Wider Picking: The 15-foot windrow pickup uses three five-foot belts and offerst wo feet more picking width than the previous 14-foot model and 8.5 inches more then the previous 16-foot header.
  • Save more grain and seeds: Both the 12- and 15-foot modesl use fewer belts than competitive models, reducing the risk of seed loss between belts.
  • Excellent flotation: The flexing pickup frame allows up to 12 inches of flex within the frame to smoothly follow rough terrain.
  • Smooth feeding: A 26-inch-diameter floating auger with five-inch flighting handles heavy crop and feeds it smoothly into the combine.