2710L Flex Wing
The 2710L is designed for heavier grass and brush on uneven terrain and is available with the weight box configured for either left wing or right wing operation. With a 10-foot cutting width and 3 ½-inch diameter cutting capacity, the 2710L is rated for use on tractors with a minimum of 60 PTO horsepower.
Product Code: 2710L

Performance Features
•    Ideal For Roadside Mowing
•    EZ Lube Driveline & EZ Clean Double Deck
•    Cushioned Axle Arms At Wheels
•    Spring Steel Bushings At Axle Pivot Points
•    10 1/2 ft Cutting Weight
•    8 ft Transport Width At Hinges
•    Self Leveling Perma-Level® Hitch
•    2 to 14 Inch Cutting Height
•    89 Degrees Up To 22 Degrees Down Wing Flex
•    Hydraulic Height Adjustment & Hydraulic Wing Adjustment
•    Transport Safety Lock
•    Optional Constant Velocity Driveline For Turns To 80 Degrees
•    EZ Clean Deck 11 Gauge Top & 10 Gauge Bottom
•    7 Gauge Strongbacks
•    1/4 Inch Sidebands
•    Independent Spring Cushion At Each Axle Arm
•    Heavy Duty Axle Turn
•    Greaseable Axle Pivot
•    Heavy Duty Wheel Hubs
And Axle Spindles
•    Driveline Safety Retaining Rings
•    6 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty