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CR9000 Twin Rotor Combine
Think Grain Quality, Think New Holland.

The CR9000 Twin Rotor® combines are the result of over 30 years of rotor technology and field experience. Year after year, the impressive grain quality and harvesting capacity of New Holland combines confirms the effectiveness of the Twin Rotor design.
Product Code: CR9000

New Holland’s two rotors deliver 36% to 40% higher centrifugal force than competitive-brand combines for more efficient threshing and separating, while proven systems for cleaning and gentle grain handling compound that incredible capacity.

 305 hp, 315 bu. tank capacity
CR9060 340 hp, 315 bu. tank capacity
CR9070 400 hp, 350 bu. tank capacity

Today’s latest generation of CR Series combines continues the pure Twin Rotor® bloodline, and is the culmination of over four decades of constant evolution to guarantee best-in-class grain and straw quality, with an unparalleled 0.1% broken grain. CR combines: the default choice for large scale harvesting excellence.


New Holland knows that in order to get the best yield in every crop flexibility is king. Therefore CR owners can choose between S3 rotors of two different diameters to suit their individual needs! The 17” on standard frame models, or opt for the 22” diameter on wide frame models, for maximum throughput for the most extensive operations. Want more? How about the 22” Twin-Pitch option? Perfect for damp harvesting conditions, where they can improve in-field performance by up to 10%. Moreover, you can customize your CR simply and easily on your farm by adjusting the rotor covers, or by changing the concaves, rasp bars, agitation pins and separating wedges for ultimate harvesting efficiency.

Twin Rotors Combine Video
Twin Rotors Combine Video 2