MegaCutter Triple Mower-Conditioners
MegaCutter™ triple disc mower-conditioners cut more than just your hay. By cutting a 29-foot, 6-inch swath with every pass, the high-capacity MegaCutter combination helps you slash costs to increase your bottom line. The MegaCutter™ 512 clears a wide, 11-foot, 10-inch path in front, so you can set your tractor tires wider for fast drying and maintain tractor clearance for easy field maneuvering. The rear-mounted MegaCutter™ 530 uses two disc cutterbars, maximizing the 29' 6" cut and providing a cutting capacity up to 43 acres per hour when operated at 14 mph.


Product Code: 512


You can rely on the advanced mower suspension systems on both the MegaCutter 512 and MegaCutter 530 to provide a complete range of flotation. Both the front- and rear-mounted models follow varying terrain for a cleaner cut and less risk of damage from foreign objects than machines with more complicated flotation systems.


The MegaCutter 512 and MegaCutter 530 use a simple two-step procedure to change from mowing, to turning at the end of the windrow, to transport mode, so you can make the switch and get back to mowing quickly. Custom Headland Management, standard on T7 and T8 Series New Holland tractors, makes this an even easier function.


The New Holland MegaCutter triple system offers you superior flexibility to match your harvest needs. Lay down three single swaths, or add a flip-over swathboard attachment with wide, thin fins to spread crop to the full 29’6” cut width so hay dries faster.



With nearly double the cutting width of a traditional 16-foot mower-conditioner or self-propelled windrower, the MegaCutter combination is ideally suited to match

the capacity of large self-propelled forage harvesters. You mow more acres in less time and with less fuel every time you mow. Since you’re done mowing earlier, your crops get the advantage of peak drying conditions during the day. When crop is cured and harvested quickly, it retains more nutritional value leading to higher-quality feed. Who can argue with more quality feed?


Choosing a MegaCutter triple disc mower-conditioner instead of a dedicated machine or a traditional self-propelled windrower that you can only use during a portion of the year allows you to get added productivity from your high-horsepower tractor. And, of course, your tractor handles all the other tasks that need done all year long. For the ultimate in productivity and operator comfort, match your MegaCutter triple mower-conditioners with an efficient New Holland T7.270 or T8 Series tractor with:

  • ECOBlue™ SCR Tier 4 technology – lower fuel consumption, lengthened service interval
  • Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission – greater fuel economy and smooth, precise speed control
  • IntelliSteer™ Auto Guidance System – more acres per hour, less operator fatigue, eliminates skips and overlaps
  • 31-mph transmission – faster movement between locations
  • Ultimate comfort – advanced mower suspension, suspended cab and suspended axle choices on the tractor Enter into the New Holland Family with a multi-unit purchase of a tractor and mower.
Operational  MC512
Working Width, ft. in. (m) 11 ft. 10 in. (3.6) 29 ft. 6 in. (9.0)
Transport Width, ft. in. (m) 11 ft. 3 in. (3.4) 9 ft. 8 in. (3.0)
Transport Height, ft. in. (m)   13 ft. 2 in. (4.0)
Weight, lbs (kg) 2976 lbs. (1350) 7090 lbs. (3216)
Number of Discs 9 2 x 8
Number of Blades 18 2 x 16
Blade Length in. (mm) 4 in. (105)  
Stubble Height Range with standard shoes, in. (mm) ¾’’ in. to 2 ¼ in. (20 to 55) ¾ in. to 2 ¼ in. (20 to 55)
PTO Speed, (rpm) 1000 1000
Requirement Tractor Power ,hp (kw) 95hp/70kw 210hp/155kw
Conditioner Rotor Speed, (rpm) 900/600 900 STD/600 OPT
Hydraulic Valves Required 1 Single Acting 1 Single Acting 1 Double Acting
Windrow Width, ft. in. (m) 4 ft. 4 in. (1.3) 4 ft. 8 in. (1.4)
Standard PTO Yoke 1 3/8 in. - 6 Spline  
Optional PTO Yoke 1 3/8 in. - 21 Spline  
PTO Rotation CW or CCW  
Hitch Category   II + III