Large Square Baler BB9000 Series
The BB9000 Series Large Square Balers from New Holland boost your baling success this season and next. They deliver securley tied, uniform, dense bales in any group.

Behind the sleek, curved shielding of the new BB9000 Series balers lies the latest technology and high-performance features. These new Balers are easy to maintain, easier to adjust in the field and easier to operate.
Product Code: BB9000

New Holland, together with industry partners, introduced new products and features that stream-lined the large square baling process. With every passing year, and every new model introduced, farmers and baling contractors have rewarded New Holland with their confidence and making New Holland the uncontested worldwide leader in the large square baler market. For professionals like you, there is no better choice!
Model Tractor Requirement Bale Width Bale Height Bale Length Length of Cut
BB9060 102 PTO hp 31.5" 35.4" 102.3" N/A
BB9060 CropCutter™ Packer Cutter 110 PTO hp 31.5" 35.4" 102.3" Min. 4.5"
BB9060 CropCutter™ Rotor Cutter 130 PTO hp 31.5" 35.4" 102.3" Min. 1.5"
BB9080 122 PTO hp 47.3" 35.4" 102.3" N/A
BB9080 CropCutter™ Rotor Cutter 150 PTO hp 47.3" 35.4" 102.3" Min. 3.1"

Ultimate Capacity
The NEW BigBaler swallow material faster, with an all-new MaxiSweep™ pickup design and faster main drive gearbox. Faster bailing speeds are vital to ensure your crop is harvested at optimal quality and invaulable when working in unpredictable weather.

Two-Stage Flip Up Front Shield
The new front shield glides open on gas struts for wasy service access. The shield opens partially for fast access to all service points, and fully for complete access to all areas for cleaning. For added safety,  the flywheel brake must be engaged in order to open the hood. Dustproof side shields also flip open fully and easily

Durability Tested
The durability of these balers has been increased to match their increase in capacity-from stronger frame and pickup components to strengthened driveline and shuttle feeder. And, New Holland put the new BigBaler design through the severe temperature, field and crop condition variations of North America, New Zealand, and Europe. More than 200,000 bales were produced during testing-the equivilant of over 10 seasons' output-tight before the first prodction BigBaler rolled off the line.

The Highest Bale Quality
Whether you are competing for lucrative hay contracts or feeding your own herd, bale quality is all-important. The industry leading New Holland pre-compression chanber assures dense, perfect flake formation, and now gets a little help from the standard roller windguard that helps pre-compress the crop mat before i even hits the pickup. New SmartFill™ bale flake formation indicators optomizze operator driving paterns, providing the industry's fastest reaction to changing windrow conditions, so your bales turn out as square bricks everytime, especially in light crop tonnages.

New MaxiSweep™ PICKUP

The new redesigned BigBaler pickup features a full-width fee assist roller with overshot-undershot augers at both ends that pull in material, leading to rapid, constant crop flow to the packer or rotor feeder - the key to continuous high-capacity feeding. Additional pickup design enhancements include:

  • Thicker Frame and side sheets for increased durability over uneven fields at high speeds
  • Crop flares that improve feeding in heavy crop, oversized windrows, odd-shaped fields and corners.
  • longer and thicker pickup tines
  • stronger pickup guards
  • the addition of a standard roller windgaurd that presses the crop mat, making it more dense before it is more positivley gripped and efficiently lifted by the tines.
  • easier, no tools needed for pickup floatation or gauge wheel adjustment.
Large Square Baler Video