Brillion Agricultural Seeders

Part #: Brillion-AS
The concept behind the Brillion Sure Stand Agricultural Seeders has not changed since 1948: precise metering of a given seed variety and consistent depth of seed placement.  

Brillion Agricultural Seeders

The Sure Stand Concept

The Brillion Sure Stand Concept has survived the test of time and the challenges from many competitors and many different seeding methods. However, the simplicity of the Sure Stand Concept is still the best way to seed legumes and grasses efficiently. The larger front notched roller firms the seedbed and put shallow indentations into the soil surface. The seed is metered from the seedboxes to free fall onto the deflectors. The deflectors spread the seed across the full width of the seeder for a broadcast style of seeding. The smaller rear roller, with its notches splitting the middle of the front indentations, squeezes the soil around the seed for the ultimate in seed to soil contact and consistent seed placement. That's the Sure Stand Concept.

Models Available

16' Agricultural Seeder (SS-16 & SSP-16)

New to the seeder line-up is the 16' Agricultural Seeder, which takes the popular Sure Stand Seeder concept to the next level. The 16' seeding width and 20-bushel capacity seedbox allow the operator to spend more time seeding and less time stopping to fill the seedboxes, maximizing efficiency. The seeder is equipped with the proven Micro-Meter seed metering system and can seed a variety of seeds at the correct depth to ensure optimal germination. The 16' Seeder features pneumatic down pressure on the rear roller for better seed coverage and squeezing out more air pockets in the seedbed. The heavy-duty frame to support the larger seedboxes delivers more weight per foot on the rollers. Any soil clods are easily crushed, further fine-tuning the seedbed for excellent germination rates. The 16' seeder is available in a pull-type or three-point hitch configuration. Optional equipment includes an S-Tine Track Remover or Coil Tine Track Remover, an Electronic Acre Meter Kit, and an Electric Clutch Kit that includes a seed shaft sensor and monitor.

Three-Point Hitch Models (SSP Series)

The SSP Series is available in 4', 5' and 6' sizes. Equipped with a meter and agitator box as standard equipment, these three-point hitch models will do everything the larger machines can do, only on a much smaller scale. Coil tine wheel track removers and blade agitators in the rear seedbox are standard. The close-coupled hitch on these models allows use with compact tractors for excellent maneuverability in close quarters. These units may be small in size, but they are big on features.

Standard Series

The Standard Series of Sure Stand Seeders are the most popular and most versatile of the agricultural models. They are available in 8', 10' and 12' sizes, in either Cat. II three-point hitch or pull-type models with hydraulic transport. They are available with both the legume box and brome box. Spring tine or coil tine track remover kits are available and highly recommended. An electronic acre meter is also offered as optional equipment.

Mid-Size Series

The Mid-Size Series is available in 8', 10' and 12' sizes, in either Cat. II three-point hitch or pull-type models with hydraulic transport. These seeders employ the same bottom end for soil engagement and seed placement as all of the other Sure Stand models. However, the Mid-Size Series features a larger capacity legume box for better efficiency in the field. Spend less time filling and more time seeding… that’s the advantage of the Mid-Size Series. The seed meters on the Mid-Size Series are placed closer together for added seeding distribution. The brome box option is not available on the Mid-Size Series, but other options are the same as the other Sure Stand Seeders Models.

High Capacity Series

The High Capacity Series features the largest seeding capacity of all Brillion Sure Stand Agricultural Seeders. 8', 10', and 12' sizes are available. Built with many of the same features as the Standard Series and the Mid-Size Series, these models offer even larger seed box capacities with narrow meter spacing to provide the ultimate in high-efficiency seeding. These seeders are available in Cat. II three-point hitch and pull-type models with hydraulic transport. The large boxes have seed level site windows, cover latches, and gas struts to hold the large covers in the open position for filling. The brome box is not available for this series, but other options are the same as the other Sure Stand Seeders.






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