Rolabar Rakes

Part #: Rolabar
Pick up more of your valuable hay. New Holland Rolabar rakes let you feed cleaner hay and more of it. Offset wheels are set close to the basket, so tines follow the ground contour closely to pick up all the hay - but leave dirt behind.
In-line telescoping drive transfers power from the wheels to the reel through heat-treated gears. The universal gears are designed to take severe punishment, requiring only minimal lubrication and attention.

•       Height adjustment cranks permit adjustments to either side of the basket for proper ground clearance.
•       Crank arm locks prevent arms from changing positions over rough terrain.
•       Proven basket suspension provides a full range of settings. Tines tilt up for fluffy, fast-drying windrows or down for tight windrows.
•       Trip lever for gearbox clutch can be engaged from the tractor seat. No need to disconnect the drive each time you tow the rake (ground-drive models).

Dual-raking Models (Models 216 and 252 Rake Hitch)
•       Using two rakes instead of one cuts labor, fuel consumption and tractor time in half. Transport, operate and adjust two Rolabar rakes without leaving your tractor seat with the 252 rake hitch.
•       Rake hitch has a narrow 8 ft. 11 in. transport width.
•       Flexibility to rake two separate windrows, or combine two swaths or windrows into one.
•       Use with all New Holland rakes: 8 ft. 6 in. or 9 ft. 6 in. rakes, ground-drive or hydraulic-drive, right- or left-hand delivery, or in combination.
•       For the big-acreage haymaker, the 216 rakes up to 27 feet in one pass.
•       Unitized frame carries two 10 ft. 6 in. baskets that rake a path wide enough to combine two windrows from 16-ft. windrowers. Maintains constant windrow width, even in sharp turns.
•       Folds to a narrow ten feet for easy transport.
•       Change settings right from your tractor seat with the rake control box.
•       Easy-to-set frame and basket limit stops let you repeat your last frame setting each time you open the rake.
•       Rubber Dyna-tines provide long life. They are mounted individually and can be replaced easily and economically.
Superior basket suspension lifts tines over obstacles for cleaner raking and less tine failure.

Model Raking Width Drive Delivery  
57 8' 6" PTO powered Left-hand  
256 8' 6" Ground Left-hand  
258 9' 6" Ground or Hydraulic Left-hand  
260 9' 6" Ground or Hydraulic Right-hand  
216 10' 6" each; up to 27' Ground or Hydraulic    
252 24' with two 9' 6" rakes Ground or Hydraulic