Worksaver Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

Part #: 614H
Working Smarter. Working Faster. The WORKSAVER Way
Go with the world's Number 1 manufacturer of post hole diggers and you're digging deeper, faster and smarter than ever before.
Worksaver offers seven hydraulic post hole diggers to meet most needs. There are many benefits that hydraulic operated post hole digger provides over the PTO operated units.

Three of the biggest benefits are:
  • The ability to reverse the auger should it become entangled in roots or rocks,
  • No longer replace shear-bolts or repair slip clutches.
  • No PTO lifting restrictions with the tractor, loader, or backhoe boom.
Models ending with "14H" are designed for 5 - 10 gpm @ 1500 - 3000 psi hydraulic systems. The "14H" units will handle 6, 9, 12, and 14 inch augers.

The models ending with "24H" were designed for 10 - 20 gpm @ 1500 - 3000psi hydraulic systems. The "24H" units will handle 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, and 24 inch augers.

All hydraulic units (except 614H & 624H) come less hydraulic hoses.

•   Better reach ... over fencelines, shrubs and other obstructions.
•   Seven differnet models. Auger sizes: 6" to 24"; plus optional 12" extension and fishtail auger center point.
•   Easy to handle; operator-friendly. A great time-saver with exceptional up-front visibility and control. no PTO restrictions. Auger reverses to clear obstructions.
•   Counter weights provide constant "balance" for "true-vertical" holes. Hydraulic-powered diggers offer the option of being bolted to front loader buckets (714H & 724H) or clamped (814H & 824H) for quick easy mounting. Model 924H mounts directly to skid steers with a universal quick attach for increased veratility.
Powered through a hydraulic drive motor and gearbox; eliminates shear pin relacement and slip clutch repair.

Model 614H 624H 714H 724H 814H 824H 924H
Hydraulic GPM (min) 5-10 10-20 5-10 10-20 5-10 10-20 10-20
Hydraulic PSI 1500-3000 psi 1500-3000 psi 1500-3000 psi
Gearbox Output Size 2" dia. 2" dia. 2" dia.
Hitch Size Cat. I/II N/A N/A
Auger Sizes Available 6-14" 6-24" 6-14" 6-24" 6-14" 6-24" 6-24"
Weight 180 lbs 182 lbs 125 lbs 127 lbs 194 lbs 196 lbs 210 lbs