Burchland Silt Fence Installer

Part #: Silt Fence Installer
Put in more fence faster, easier, and more economically with a Burchland XTS Silt Fence Installer!
With increasing enforcement of stormwater pollution regulations, silt fence installers have become the choice over hand digging or trenching. By slicing or plowing the silt fence into the ground, the installation is more secure. The fence is installed right and tight, faster, easier and more economically.

The Burchland Mfg. Silt Fence Installer was created after a request from a contractor for a silt fence plow that is precision engineered, ruggedly built and ultra-dependable, providing greater value than using a trencher or hand digging. Due to the huge demand for silt fence, this contractor could not always get silt fence subcontractors to his jobsite on time. He was not willing to dedicate the man-hours required for the traditional trenched in silt fence. There was a place in the market for a well built, dependable silt fence machine.

The Burchland Mfg. Silt Fence Installer is precision engineered, ruggedly built and ultra-dependable to handle tough applications. No wheels or moving parts are required to transition the fabric into the ground. The Burchland Silt Fence Installer knifes the fabric into the ground without a fold. This allows for the entire width of the fabric to be utilized. A silt fence installed with this method is stronger due to increased ground tension and will also help prevent washouts under the fabric. You can install thousands of feet of fabric per hour down to any depth you choose to a maximum of 20 inches.

Model Height Length Width Weight
XTS 3-Point Hitch 70.00" 78.06" 41.34" 760 lbs
XTS Dedicated Skidsteer Hitch 70.00" 80.17" 45.50" 775 lbs
XTS 3-Point Hitch w/72" Sliding Offset 70.00" 89.13" 72.00" 1120 lbs
XTS 3-Point Hitch w/84" Sliding Offset 70.00" 89.13" 84.00" 1165 lbs