Ferri Boom Mowers For Compact Tractors

Part #: Ferri-TBoom
The Ferri T-Series boom mowers are designed for farms of medium size and maintenance of green spaces. A valuable tool for both farmers and landscapers. Available with horizontal reaches from 99 to 183 inches with a cutting capacity up to 1.75 inches. Designed for tractors between 20 and 80 hp.

Ferri Boom Mowers - T-Series

Models T250A & T320A

The new series of hydraulic flail mowers T250A, T320A and T320A/R for reversible drive, is the result of a deep restyling that has improved functionality and performance. These new models are particularly suitable as entry-level range for the market dedicated to farms of medium size and to maintenance of green spaces. These small size and compact models are particularly suitable for small tractors.

Models T380D & T430D Smart

Technological innovation and restyling characterize the hydraulic reach mowers T380D and T430D. The use of the polypropylene oil tank, allows a significant weight reduction, thus facilitating the hitching on the compact tractors. The new flail head TID100, 39" width uses the same rotor to fit multiuse Y, articulated Y and hammers. A unique feature is the circular section of the arms (HTR High Torsion Resistance). The use of press molded components for the arm articulation as well as the electrical controls with joystick option make these compact reach mowers a valuable tool for farmers and landscapers.

Model T460 Smart

An innovative project for a modern agriculture. An ambitious task was given to the Ferri technical department: to realize a compact, reliable, strong and lightweight boom mower. The reliability and strength are ensured by the new Delta Box frame. Compact but powerful, the pump engaging the rotor is entirely cast iron made.


 Model T250A T320A T380D T430D T460
 Max Horizontal Reach 8' 3" 10' 7" 12' 7" 14' 2" 15' 1"
 Width of Cut 24" 31" 39" 39" 39"
 Cut Capacity 1.75" 1.75" 1.75" 1.75" 1.75"
 Blade Tip Speed 167 fps 167 fps 196 fps 196 fps 196 fps
 3-Point linkage Cat I/II Cat I/II Cat I/II Cat I/II Cat II
 Tractor Horsepower 20-35 hp 25-40 hp 40-60 hp 50-70 hp 50-70 hp
 Weight w/Flailhead 749 lbs 816 lbs 1080 lbs 1091 lbs 1279 lbs




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