IVA Horse Drawn Spray Equipment

Part #: IvaHors
Horse Drawn Spray Equipment is used for various applications in farming
Horse Drawn Spray Equipment is used for various applications in farming, from the acre produce patch,to the hundred acre crop farmer. We offer tank sizes that range from 55 to 500 gallon. Frame configurations include low ground clearance for easy fill up, or high clearance to straddle sweet corn, tomatoes, and tobacco. An epoxy, urethane paint is applied.

Boom sizes range from 12 ft to 70 ft. Boom handling is available with hydraulic to fold, level, and lift to 7 ft, all from the fore cart in the rapid response of under a minute. Winch folding is the next in convenience. This takes a couple minutes longer, and a small support push may be needed to extend the boom. Winch folding is lower priced, and is operated from the fore cart.

Manual fold, winch lift, is used on 2 horse tongue, and single horse sprayers.Trailer type is common with U bolt attached booms. The boomless 45’ nozzle is popular for applying organic fertilizers. Centrifugal pumps are used for low pressure field crops. Roller pumps have higher pressure, but require more maintenance. The XL series is recommended if using Roundup® or fertilizers. Diaphragm pumps are the most reliable for high pressure and fertilizer applications such as produce.