WB1500 TX Compact Utility Loader

Part #: WB1500
RAMROD Equipment is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing RAMROD Models. Since 1980 RAMROD has developed and refined a total of 12 wheel and track models with a variety of engines and features. To compliment them, there are a total of over 60 attachments presently available to choose from.
​Over the years and today RAMROD LEADS THE WAY in designing better equipment with the emphasis on innovative design, high quality standards and long maintenance free life. This emphasis on quality and reliability has returned good profits to thousands and thousands of satisfied customers of RAMROD products throughout the world.

  • Self-Leveling Loader Arms - Increase productivity and improve safety by preventing the loss of load during transport, even when handling loose or sensitive materials.
  • Narrow, Compact Width - Easily travels through gateways, fence posts, corrals, walkways and other narrow spaces, allowing you to access tight work areas with ease. These units also feature a zero radius turning capability for unmatched maneuverability.
  • Quick-Attach Accessory Bracket - With the simple Quick Attach brackets, attachments can be mounted and dismounted in mere seconds.
  • Smooth Yet Responsive Hydraulic Controls - Hydraulics are feathered to a point where the unit operates smoothly and effortlessly. Auxiliary option easily activates third function attachments such as trenchers, augers, and tillers.
  • Full Accessibility and Serviceability - An easy-to-access top panel provides complete accessibility to all your Ramrod components. Change oil and hydraulic levels, replace filters, etc. in just minutes!
  • Low Center of Gravity - Unit is impossible to tip or rollover, enabling you to safely work on slopes, hills and uneven terrain.
  • Simple Joystick Controls - The joystick loader controls allow you to dump or curl the bucket while simultaneously raising or lowering the loader arms - all with one hand! With your other hand, you can operate your tracks in order to access job sites from any angle. The auxiliary joystick control powers the attachments instantly.
  • Optional Ride On Platform