Hydra Clip Tree Shear

Part #: HydraClip
The Hydra Clip offers a 16 inch one cut capacity and can handle larger capacities with multiple cuts. It cuts flush with the ground and Works great around fences, highlines and waterways.

Hydra Clip 16" Tree Shear - M & M Attachments

  • 16" one cut capacity, larger with multiple cuts
  • Perfectly flush ground level cuts
  • Works great around fences, highlines and waterways
  • Extremely high production rate from less movement of trees
  • The fastest cycle time of any shear
  • Open to close in 4-5 seconds
  • Built-in 10 gallon chemical spray tank
  • Optional Spray System and Tree Grapple
  • Cylinders angled to push directly at the tree providing the most cutting power of any shear
  • Hidden grease fittings and hydraulic hoses greatly reduces down time
  • Tree grapple controls the fall of the tree
  • Bunch multiple trees at once
  • Integrated pressure reducing valve- keeps small trees from breaking
  • Integrated shut off valve- turns off grapple when not needed
  • Optional spray system
  • Plug and Play electrical adapters available
  • Built in 10 gallon chemical tank
  • Diesel fuel compatible pump
  • Protected spray nozzle
  • Plug and Play adapters available for nearly every brand of skid steer available
  • Integrated wiring harness factory installed
  • Wiring only required to disable grapple, no power required to make grapple operate
  • Recommended 2500 lb operating capacity on loader
  • Minimum 2500 PSI, Recommended 3000 PSI
  • Open design allows full site through grapple
  • Optional 48" tree guard provides protection to the machine and the operator


Hydra Clip Tree Shear

 Model HC16
 Weight 1800 lbs
 Dimensions (L x W x H) 43" x 76" x 24"
 Cylinder (Bore x Stroke) (2) 5" x 7.25"
 Cutting Capacity 16" (one cut)
 Spray Tank 10 gal.


Optional Equipment

  Tree Grapple Spray System 48" Tree Guard
 Weight 450 lbs 50 lbs 150 lbs
 Dimensions (L x W x H) 43" x 76" x 61" -- 45.5" x 3" x 48"
 Cylinder (Bore x Stroke) (1) 2.5" x 10" -- --
 Spray Tank -- 10 gal. --




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