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T4000 Series
A natural progression of superior performance  

The blue utility tractors that farmers, landscapers and road crews have used for generations are now even more efficient and flexible. T4000 Series utility tractors step up your game with increased power, enhanced efficiency and a broadened selection of models and options to match your needs exactly. Rugged construction, a heavy-duty driveline and a low-profile design make T4000 tractors the perfect choice for the farm and many other applications.
Product Code: T4000

A natural progression of superior performance.
  • A lower center of gravity means you enjoy a more stable ride and can maneuver with confidence. With or without a cab, T4000 tractor models have a lower overall height profile than other utility tractors, so you work in low-clearance areas where other tractors can't.
  • Select the front axle option that matches your needs:
    • 2WD - The economical, flexible 2WD axle is constructed of high-strength components and telescopes for a choice of eight track settings.
    • FWD - The rugged FWD axle is standard on T4050 and optional on other models.
    • SuperSteer FWD - The exclusive SuperSteer FWD axle (available on the T4030 and T4050) achieves a 76-degree turning angle, compared to the standard 55-degree angle, for the sharpest turns in the business. The SuperSteer axle articulates as it turns, allowing the outside wheel to move in front of the nose of the tractor and the inside wheel to move away from the tractor frame. This provides more tire clearance and a greater turn angle. Also included in the SuperSteer FWD package is an exclusive Auto FWD system that engages front wheel drive only when needed - automatically - with an electro-hydraulic locking differential. This system improves traction, prevents turf scuffing, extends tire life and improves fuel economy. It's an extra bonus for new operators or for fleets where many operators use the same tractor.
  • Hydraulic self-adjusting and self-equalizing brakes provide long life and high-performance stopping power. On models with power shuttle, the 40-kph transmission or SuperSteer, the front axle automatically engages when you press both brakes, effectively providing four-wheel braking - a real plus with heavy loads.
  • A fully independent, 540-rpm PTO is standard. An independent 540/1000-rpm shiftable PTO with interchangeable shafts is optional on the T4040 and T4050. The dry, 11-inch cerametallic PTO clutch is durable for long life in heavy-duty applications. Deluxe and SuperSteer models feature mechanical servo-assist engagement for low-effort operation and feathering.
  • The New Holland 810TL or 820TL front-end loader and a T4000 tractor are the perfect combination to boost your loading productivity
Engine T4020 T4030 T4040 T4050
Gross Engine HP 64 hp 76 hp 84 hp 95 hp
PTO HP 50 hp 62 hp 70 hp 80 hp
Cylinders 4 4 4 4
Aspiration Turbocharged & intercooled
Displacement 195 in³ 195 in³ 274 in³ 274 in³
Standard Configuration 16x16 Synchro Command w/mech shuttle
Optional Configuration 16x16 Synchro Command w/power shuttle
Hydraulic system Open center Open center
Steering & Service Pump 7.4/9.4 gpm 9.4 gpm
Implement Pump 12.8/16.1 gpm 16.1 gpm
Rear Remotes (std/opt) 1/2,3,4 1/2,3,4
Hitch Type Cat. I/II Cat. I/II
Lift Capacity 3962 lbs 3962 lbs
Wheelbase (FWD/Cab) 82.6" 86"
Height to top of Cab 94.1" 94.1"
Overall Length (FWD/Cab) 137.5" 140.9"
Weight (FWD/Cab) 6768 lbs 6768 lbs 6944 lbs 7055 lbs